‘Mad Men’ boss knows how the show will end

Matthew Weiner was speaking ahead of the launch of season five

Mad Men boss Matthew Weiner has revealed he already knows how the show is going to end.

The showrunner was speaking at Paleyfest ahead of the launch of season five, where he reaffirmed his intention to end the hit drama on its seventh season.

Weiner said: “The plan is for seven seasons. Seven years sounds like the right amount… My whole thing is I don’t want to overstay our welcome. And it’s really hard. This is the first season we went in knowing there would be more seasons.

“Trying to think about plotting three seasons at once makes me sick… [but] I know everything – exactly how it’s going to end.”

Actor Jon Hamm, who plays anti-hero Don Draper, confirmed the plans, saying he is contracted until the seventh season. It has previously been claimed that the 1960s-set drama would flash forward to the present day.

Mad Men returns to UK screens on Sky Atlantic on March 27, two days after its return to AMC in the US.