Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner unhappy with hiatus

Ad agency drama will return tonight (March 25) on AMC in US

Man Men creator Matthew Weiner was far from happy with the 18-month delay for season five of the hit US TV show.

Weiner was ready to continue with the show’s production straight after the wrap-up of the highly successful fourth season, but the programme was put on hiatus by AMC – who broadcast the show in America – to introduce four new shows to their summer schedule including Breaking Bad.

Weiner told The Sunday Times: “I was not happy with it. I did not understand it. In the end, it turned out to be a great decision, because Breaking Bad got to go on in the summer, when we were usually on, and they finally got the audience they deserve. So I can’t argue with that, but that’s what happened.”

The fifth season was also reportedly put on hold due to contract disputes between Weiner and the cast and their employers, AMC. Weiner allegedly requested more money to be made available to make the show.

With the new season kicking off on AMC tonight in the US and on Sky Atlantic in the UK on Tuesday, rumours surround what the new series will feature. In a teasing interview with the Daily Record , John Hamm, who plays the show’s Don Draper, hinted that the show might not lift off from season four’s happy ending.

He revealed: “The last season ended with an accepted proposal, not a marriage. The episode ended with Don looking out of the window and that could be seen as two things. It could be Don looking for what the future holds. Or he might be thinking, ‘get me out of here’.”

Mad Men returns tonight (March 25) on AMC in the US and Sky Atlantic on Tuesday (March 27) in the UK at 9pm.