‘Mad Men’ creator teases fifth season

After a long delay, the show finally returns in March

Mad Men‘s creator has teased more details about the show’s imminent fifth season.

Matthew Weiner has given some hints about what fans can expect from the opening episode A Little Kiss in a new interview with TV Guide.

Of the two-hour special, Weiner said: ”I like the title to have some kind of synergy with the show so it will pique your interest.”

He said that the kiss in question could be between Don Draper and his new fiancé Megan or ex-wife Betty:

Who says Megan’s even going to be part of Don’s life? He may be back with Betty. One of my favourite scenes from [the series four finale] was when Betty offered herself to him again. And let’s face it, those two look really good together.

January Jones, who plays Betty, said that she wants her character to get a better reception from viewers this year. She said: ”I think as an audience member you can empathise with her struggling to find happiness. I think it’s an ongoing process.”

After contractual negotiations took the show off air in 2011, Mad Men‘s fifth series begins in the US on March 25, with the UK premiere expected shortly after.