‘Mad Men’ star Jon Hamm to direct series opener

Hamm will step behind the camera for fifth series

Mad Men star Jon Hamm is to direct an episode of the show’s forthcoming fifth series.

The actor, who plays Don Draper in the hit advertising-themed period drama, has revealed that he is stepping behind the camera for the show’s series opener.

He told TV Line that he had been up for it “for a while.”

Hamm said: “The wheels have officially been set in motion to make that happen. It’s a very exciting challenge that I’m looking forward to with a mixture of fear and excitement. It helps to have people you know and trust surrounding you. We’ve been fortunate enough to have very little turnover not only in our cast but also in our crew.”


He added that he had been inspired by one of his co-stars: “I watched John Slattery [who plays Roger Sterling] do it, and he handled it with such grace and ability and ease. I figured if he can do it, shit, I can do it too.”