‘Mad Men’ will not end in the present day, says Jon Hamm

The show's star denies online reports of a flash forward

Mad Men star Jon Hamm has refuted suggestions that the show will end by flash forwarding to the present day.

It had been reported that the show’s final scenes would feature an elderly Don Draper following apparent hints from showrunner Matthew Weiner. But ahead of the show’s season five premiere, Hamm, who plays Draper, has denied the claims.

He told DigitalSpy.co.uk: “OK, you would probably have read that rather than heard it online. If you had heard the quote you would not have misunderstood the quote. That is not what Matt said. Matt knows how this show is going to end. And I’ll just leave it at that… but no, we’re not going to go into the 90s with Don Draper.”


Weiner’s original quote had suggested that we could meet the character in 2011, aged 84.

However, Hamm did reaffirm the plan to conclude the show after seven seasons. He said: “As it stands now, yes, I’m contracted through and Matt is contracted through to the seventh season. There are always things when people say, ‘This is the last season… but’, so we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

“But I think the prevailing wisdom and the larger point is that you should end a story at the point that you want to end it, as a writer and storyteller. The ability to end when you want to end and how you want to end is a wonderful artistic opportunity. That is what Matt has gotten with these three more seasons.”

Hamm also directs an episode of the new run, and said of the challenge: “It was an incredible experience. An eye-opening experience. An invigorating experience. It was a look into a part of a show that I hadn’t really seen, which is surprising considering how much I am around the set and the show and the making of. But as an actor you don’t get to see a lot of what goes into making a television show. As a director you get that curtain pulled back significantly more.”

Mad Men returns to UK screens on March 27 on Sky Atlantic with double episode A Little Kiss, two days after its US debut.