Maggie and Negan finally reunite in ‘The Walking Dead’ season 10 preview

Spoilers within

The Walking Dead has offered a glimpse of Maggie and Negan’s upcoming reunion – check it out below.

Maggie returned for season 10, reuniting with a number of friends from earlier in the show – but did not reunite with Negan, who killed her former partner Glenn and had previously been in jail.

A virtual table read for the upcoming episode ‘Home Sweet Home’ saw Maggie and Negan finally come face to face, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan reading as Negan saying “Hey Maggie.”


She responded: “So you’re out,” to which he added, “I didn’t escape, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

The read also revealed that Melissa McBride’s character Carol was the one who freed Negan from his cell, as she said: “We were going to lose everything. Negan’s the reason we didn’t.”

Take a look at the preview here:

Maggie then explained why she left years prior, saying: “The truth is, I left home because I didn’t want Negan taking up any more space in my head, and I realised I wasn’t ready to bring Hershel back to that.”

‘Home Sweet Home’ is one of six new episodes set to air in early 2021, to see out season 10 of The Walking Dead.


The show will conclude after the eleventh season, AMC confirmed earlier this year. A number of spin-off projects are currently in the works, including a show focusing on Daryl and Carol, and a series of films focusing on Rick Grimes.