Maisie Williams calls leaking ‘Game Of Thrones’ spoilers ‘childish and annoying’

The actor also said she is "excited" about being able to move on from the show

Maisie Williams has expressed her feelings over people who leak Game Of Thrones spoilers.

The actor, who will reprise her role of Arya Stark in the forthcoming Game of Thrones season 7, told Radio Times that spoilers getting out “really, really upsets me”.

“There’s only a certain group of people who’d look at that anyway, compared to the audience that watches the show,” she added.

“It hurts. It’s just like, oh we wanted to tell this story, and yeah, lots of people don’t want to read it, and don’t want to look at it. But then it’s even more annoying when you know [the leaks] might be from someone on the inside, and it’s just like… you’re trying to make something really cool, that is really cool and people really like, and it’s like ‘stop ruining it’.”

She went on to say that she thought it was “such a childish, annoying thing to do”, also dubbing it “sad”.

“People still watch it, but it does really grind my gears,” she noted.

Williams also spoke about her plans once Game Of Thrones is over, saying she was “excited” about the prospect of moving on from the show.

“I’m excited because it means I can do absolutely anything I want,” she said. “I could go away for three years and… travel the world, or I could write a film… I could do anything, and it’s quite exciting.”