Major character is killed off in The Walking Dead comics

Their death will have serious repercussions for Rick and co

A major character is killed off in the new comic of The Walking Dead.

The comics, which began in 2003, are several years ahead of the accompanying TV series. The TV series doesn’t exactly follow the plot of the comics, but they generally share many of the same themes and storylines.

The comic in which the major character is killed off is number 156. The events of the TV series roughly reach up to number 102 by the end of the most recent season.

Season six of the TV show ended controversially, when new lead villain Negan (played by The Good Wife actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his gang The Saviors kill one of Rick Grimes’ community. The last shot of the series finale didn’t show which of the cast had been killed – or indeed if they were merely beaten, rather than executed.


In the comic books, Negan remains a powerful villain. Rick is eventually able to defeat him and keeps him prisoner, before Rick’s community meet another tribe, The Whisperers.

The Whisperers are humans who disguise themselves as walkers. They are led by the savage Alpha. The only affection Alpha shows is toward her daughter, Lydia, who befriends Rick’s son Carl.

It is Alpha who is killed in the new Walking Dead comic – and she is killed by Negan, as he makes his escape.


The comics of The Walking Dead were created by Robert Kirkman and are illustrated by Charlie Adlard. Kirkman also created Outcast, a series of comics about a possessed teenager. It too was turned into a TV series, which stars Philip Glenister and Patrick Fugit.