Watch how to make a Flaming Moe/Homer and other cocktails from ‘The Simpsons’

From the YouTube channel Cocktail Chemistry

The ‘Flaming Moe’/’Flaming Homer’ and other cocktails from The Simpsons are recreated in this new video.

YouTuber Cocktail Chemistry has shown how to produce the ‘Flaming Homer/Moe’ (liquor leftovers plus cough syrup and set on fire), a Skittlebräu (beer with Skittles floating in it) and more.

Watch below:

This month, The Simpsons finishes its 28th season. NME‘s Alex Flood recently argued that it’s time the show bowed out gracefully.

He wrote: “It’s long been argued that The Simpsons peaked creatively some time in its first 10 seasons. Unfortunately, it’s been all downhill since then. Greatest episode lists are strewn with well-known classic titles like ‘Last Exit To Springfield’, ‘Marge and the Monorail’ and ‘Homer The Great’ — all from series four to six. But who remembers ‘Homer Scissorhands’ or ‘The Wife Aquatic’? Exactly, no one. Furthermore, to all those saying ‘better B+ Simpsons than no Simpsons‘ I answer thus: it might look like B+ now, but wait until season 35 when they’ve really run out of ideas. Much better to stop now while it’s not too painful.”

“The show’s ratings have been declining for several years now and in 2017 they’re lower than ever. Episode 14 ‘Fatzcarraldo’ pulled in only 2.4 million US viewers on February 12, far below earlier seasons’ average of more than 20 million. See below for a graph illustrating the decline. What’s clear from this data is that the franchise has been on a serious slide since about 2005. Now ratings aren’t everything, but no one wants to see a beaten man pummelled further. The show should quit now and retain some dignity.”