‘Making A Murderer’ announces six new episodes on Steven Avery case

Directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos are currently in production of the new instalment

Making A Murderer directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos are currently in production of six new episodes of the Emmy-nominated Netflix show, which will focus on the trial at the centre of the original series.

The new episodes of Making A Murderer will provide an in-depth look at the post-conviction process of convicted murderer Steven Avery, and his co-defendant, Brendan Dassey, as their respective investigative and legal teams challenge their convictions and the State fights to have their life sentences upheld.

They will also offer access to Avery’s new lawyer Kathleen Zellner and Dassey’s legal team, led by Laura Nirider and Steve Drizin, as well as the families and characters close to the case.


In a press release, Making A Murderer creators Ricciardi and Demos said: “We are extremely grateful for the tremendous response to, and support of, the series.  The viewers’ interest and attention has ensured that the story is not over, and we are fully committed to continuing to document events as they unfold”

Making a Murderer was the accumulation of 10 years’ work for the duo, and focused on the murder trial and conviction of two men in Manitowoc, Wisconsin: Avery and Dassey. Both men are currently serving life sentences, having been convicted in 2007, with Making A Murderer paying particular attention to perceived injustices in the case.

The directors appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on January 12. When they were asked about what projects they would like to pursue next, Ricciardi replied: “I would love to follow Florence And The Machine, but I haven’t reached out to her yet.”

News of their first new project since the acclaimed series also surfaced last month, with Digital Spy reporting that George Clooney will be on production duties for a drama that will tackle the pharmaceutical industry titled America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker.

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