‘Making A Murderer”s Kathleen Zellner provides update on Netflix show’s third season

Will the show return?

Making A Murderer‘s Kathleen Zellner has seemingly hinted that a third season of the show is up in the air as Netflix are yet to make an official decision.

The second season of the crime documentary debuted in October 2018 and continued the story of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, who have maintained their innocence after being convicted of photographer Theresa Halbach’s murder in 2007.

While Zellner only debuted in the second season as Avery’s latest lawyer, she says that no official decision has been made about whether the show will return for a third season.


When one Twitter follower asked if a third series was in the offing during a Twitter Q&A, she replied: “Not up to us to decide.”


Zellner previously said that she was inspired to take on the case after watching the first season of the show. After starting her own law firm in 1991, Zellner has gone on to have one of the highest success rates for overturning wrongful convictions in the United States.

So far, she’s overturned the convictions of 19 men, including a man called Joseph Burrows who had been sentenced to death for the murder of farmer William E. Dulan. Zellner overturned the sentencing after convincing the real killer to confess.

In late 2018, Zellner said she was preparing a new 22,000 page document that could help prove the innocence of Avery.

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