‘Making A Murderer’: Ken Kratz accuses filmmakers of casting him as ‘a villain’

Steven Avery is expected to appeal his murder conviction in 30 days time

Making A Murderer prosecutor Ken Kratz has slammed the Netflix series for portraying him as a “villain”.

During an interview with The Mirror Online, Kratz accused Steven Avery’s defence team of being “irresponsible”.

He also added that claims in the series that he sent a number of raunchy text messages to a woman is all “lies”.

Court documents filed in 2014 in Winsconsin claim that not only did Kratz send the texts, but he also forced one of the women to have sex against her will.


The allegations were later ditched by his opposition, with Kratz now taking aim at Avery’s defence team by telling the Mirror: “The sexual assault allegation in the original OLR (Office of Lawyer Regulation) complaint was unfounded, it never happened, that’s why it was dropped very soon.

“To have media sources report allegations later dismissed is very irresponsible, and I’ve seen the Avery Defence Team using that tactic a lot in this case regarding me.”

He continued: “In the Making a Murderer documentary, they include a media clip about ‘5 women coming forward’….they don’t tell you that all of those, with the exception of the texting incident (which I self reported) were fabrications…they never happened. Why don’t they tell the viewers those were all untrue?

“So, the filmmakers knew those allegations were all dismissed, in fact should have known that I was considering a defamation claim against one of the complainants who went on TV saying I had made sexually explicit messages with her that later was determined to be blatantly made up by her. Just to get her face on TV.


“So here’s the question…the filmmakers know those are untrue allegations, but they include them in their movie anyway in furthering their attempts to cast me as a villain.”

Kratz concluded: “How do they justify that? Ask them if they knew those allegations were unfounded when they included them in their movie… and if so, what possible relevance did including lies about me have to their film?

“Remember, they have claimed that they did not try to make me look bad by edits they made, or what they put in their movie, and we’re trying to be fair to both sides.”

Kratz has previously claimed that key evidence was left out of the Netflix series, which proves Avery did kill Teresa Halbach.

Meanwhile, Avery is expected to fight for his freedom in 30 days, with his lawyer Kathleen Zellner already claiming to have new DNA evidence that will prove he did not commit the crime.