‘Making A Murderer’ Steven Avery protests his innocence in letter sent from prison cell

Avery also suggests recent claims made by ex-partner were not truthful

Steven Avery has written a three-page letter to Making A Murderer viewers in which he protests his innocence.

Avery is the focus of Making A Murderer, the Netflix documentary which tells the story of his conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2005. Both and nephew Brendan Dassey are serving life sentences for the murder, having been convicted in 2007. Making A Murderer pays particular attention to perceived injustices in the case.

Avery wrote the letter, which was published by WISN 12 News, from prison in Wisconsin. Reporter Colleen Henry contacted Avery and received a hand written note in return which saw him state: “The real killer is still out there.”

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The letter also contains Avery defending himself against recent allegations made by former girlfriend Jodi Stachowski that he was violent and abusive during their relationship. “How much money Jodi get to talk bad?” asked, suggesting that she changed her story for financial gain.

Returning to the suggestion that another man is responsible for Halbach’s death, Avery asks: “Who is he stalking now?” before adding, “I am really innocent of this case and that is the truth! The truth will set me free!”

Avery is not allowed to be interviewed by the media in accordance with Department of Corrections rules.