‘Mare Of Easttown’ hairstylist on the production’s “bed hair” rule: “I had to ride with that”

The HBO show’s hairstylist abided by one rule to complete the show’s gritty look

The hairstylist for HBO’s latest series Mare Of Easttown has opened up about the show’s “bed hair” rule.

Mare Of Easttown, which stars Kate Winslet in the lead role, is a bleak murder mystery that unfolds in a small Philadelphia town. In a recent interview with Insider, hairstylist Lawrence Davis said that he completed the show’s gritty realism by giving characters “bed hair”, as they were not meant to look “over the top”.

“When I came on board, I was told bed hair for everyone. I was basically told that everybody has bed hair,” he said. “Everybody was basically, you know, get up and go, and that was the whole feel of it. But I was basically told from day one: ‘Bed hair’, and I had to ride with that.”


Mare of Easttown

The rule seemed to fit fine with Winslet’s own outlook on choosing roles. Back in April, the actress spoke at length with The Times about unattainable beauty standards.

“Yeah, I am older. I look like crap sometimes,” she said. “Because what I observe are people spending a huge amount of time worrying about how they look, with filters. Looking at pictures of impossibly glamorous places to have holidays. I worry about that, for younger generations. These unattainable ideals. And I do not want to play roles that feed into anything unattainable anymore. I’m done with that.”

In a four-star review, NME‘s Dan Seddon called Mare of Easttown a “bruising tale of smalltown murder”, and proclaims Winslet’s work “a magnetic performance from a real screen legend”.

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