Martin Freeman stars in new teaser for ‘Sherlock’ festive special – watch

The Victorian-set special airs on BBC One on New Year's Day

Martin Freeman’s Dr. John Watson stars in a new teaser for Sherlock‘s festive special.

The intriguing snippet, in which Watson receives a telegram, was shared on Twitter earlier today (December 16).

Titled ‘The Abominable Bride’, the self-contained special takes Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman’s Dr. John Watson back to Victorian London, where they will attempt to solve an “impossible case”. It’s the first episode of the BAFTA-winning drama not to be set in the present day.

Discussing the episode recently, Sherlock‘s co-creator Steven Moffat described it as a “separate entity on its own” that’s “kind of in its own little bubble”.

The festive special is set to air on BBC One at 9pm on New Year’s Day. On the same evening, it will also be screened at more than 100 cinemas across the UK.

Following the self-contained special, Sherlock will return to the present day for a new series of three episodes, which is due to start shooting in early 2016. The show’s co-creator Mark Gatiss has recently confirmed that he and Steven Moffat hope to continue the series for “for as long as we can”.