Martin Scorsese to make ‘Shutter Island’ TV show

HBO order pilot of the Dennis Lehane-scripted thriller

Martin Scorsese will direct a pilot for a TV spin-off of his 2010 mystery thriller Shutter Island.

HBO will partner with studio Paramount to bring the Dennis Lehane-scripted story to the small screen.

The TV series is tentatively titled Ashecliffe after the name of the isolated island mental hospital in Boston’s harbour where the film took place.

Deadline reports that the series will open before the events of Shutter Island with a focus on the hospital’s past secrets, the misdeeds of its founders and their development of brutal methods to treat mental illness in the early 20th century.

Based on Lehane’s best-selling novel, in Scorsese’s Shutter Island Leonardo DiCaprio plays a US Marshall who travels to the hospital for the criminally insane while investigating the disappearance of one of its patients.

There is no news yet on when Ashecliffe will begin production as Scorsese is currently working on historical drama Silence starring Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson while his executive-produced gangster thriller Revenge Of The Green Dragons is due for release this autumn. The director is also working with HBO on an untitled rock’n’roll drama set in ’70s New York which he’s co-producing with Mick Jagger.

The Dennis Lehane-scripted thriller The Drop, starring Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini, will reach UK cinemas in November. Lehane’s novels Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone have also been made into successful films.