Marvel’s Anthony Mackie shares photo update on ‘Falcon And The Winter Soldier’

"The boyz are back in town!"

Anthony Mackie has shared a photo update from the set of Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

The Marvel star confirmed that production has resumed on the upcoming Disney+ series by posting a photo in character as Falcon/Sam Wilson. The snap was taken by his co-star Sebastian Stan who plays the Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes.

Mackie wrote in the caption: “The boyz are back in town! Having fun while social distancing…”


Filming came to a halt in March due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, with the team being able to resume filming in the Czech Republic in July.

Stan also shared his own photo on his Instagram account, revealing he took Mackie’s. He wrote: “Friends. Social distancing since November ’19.”

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Friends. Social distancing since November ’19.

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Previously discussing the series with Daveed Diggs for Variety, Mackie explained how Falcon And The Winter Soldier is aiming to feel more like a film than a TV series.
“We’re shooting it exactly like a movie,” he began. “Everybody who had worked on TV before was like, ‘I’ve never worked on a TV show like this.’

“The way in which we were shooting, it feels exactly like we were shooting the movie cut up into the show. So instead of a two-hour movie, a six or eight-hour movie.”


Stan had previously explained how the series felt close to Captain America: The Winter Soldier in conversation with The Hollywood Reporter.

“It was grounded and very much in the world as we know it,” the actor explained. “But it’s also really jam-packed with a lot of massive, massive action scenes mixed with deep focus on character. That’s what’s really exciting about this.”

The release date for Falcon And The Winter Soldier remains to be determined.

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