Marvel have hidden a ‘Game Of Thrones’ Easter Egg in ‘The New Mutants’

The most ambitious crossover event in history...

Marvel have hidden a Game Of Thrones Easter Egg in the latest issue of their ‘New Mutants’ comics, a nod to Maisie Williams’ upcoming role in the movie adaptation.

In one panel, which you can take a look at below, the character of Wolfsbane is drawn asleep in bed, holding a copy of George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Game Of Thrones’, the first book in the ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ series.

It’s a reference to the fact that Maisie Williams, who played Arya Stark in the HBO hit series, is also playing Wolfsbane in 20th Century Fox’s forthcoming movie adaptation of The New Mutants.


The first trailer for the film appeared way back in 2017, with April 2018 the initial release date. However the movie has been plagued by production problems, and is now due to come out next year.

‘The New Mutants’ also stars Charlie Heaton, aka Stranger Things Jonathan Byers, along with Blu Hunt, Anya Taylor-Joy and Henry Zaga as five young mutants held in a secret facility against their will. It’s been described as a horror movie.

Meanwhile, Williams has also signed up to play ‘a young misfit living a secluded country life’ in Sky’s upcoming comedy series ‘Two Weeks To Live’.


In an interview with Rolling Stone back in March, she indicated that she was going to take a break from acting. She said she had “subconsciously” dyed her hair pink because she “didn’t want to work”.


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