Marvel writer slams Netflix for casting Finn Jones in ‘Iron Fist’ role

Marjorie Liu tweets that the part should have gone to an Asian actor

Marvel comic book writer Marjorie Liu has criticised the decision to cast Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones in the lead role of Netflix’s Marvel series, Iron Fist.

Liu took to Twitter to slam Jones’ casting, siding with many users of the streaming service that Netflix should have recruited an Asian actor in the lead role of Danny Rand.

She tweeted: “Iron Fist is an orientalist-white-man-yellow-fever narrative. Asian actor would have helped subvert that offensive trope, and reclaim space.”


Liu – who has written Dark Wolverine and X-23 for Marvel – went on to retweet similar opinions from fans who were also disappointed by the casting news.

Back in December 2015, Liu previously expressed her views on the casting of Iron Fist, writing: “Let me be blunt: I won’t watch Iron Fist if they cast a white dude. I can’t do it anymore. I’ve reached my limit. Peace out.”

Despite the fact that Rand is a blond-haired Caucasian in the original Marvel comic books, some fans saw the Netflix series as the chance to inject some diversity.


As previously reported, Jones – who plays Ser Loras in the HBO series based on George R.R. Martin’s books – will also appear alongside fellow Marvel characters Dardevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in a future Defenders miniseries.

The character of Danny Rand endured a family tragedy before training to become a martial arts expert. Luke Cage is his partner in Heroes for Hire, with Cage made his Marvel debut in Netflix’s Jessica Jones.


Marvel’s next series on Netflix will be the second season of Daredevil, which begins next month (March).

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