Matt Berry sitcom ‘Year Of The Rabbit’ won’t get a new season after all

"We have made the difficult decision not to enter into a second series with a heavy heart"

Matt Berry’s Victorian-era sitcom Year of The Rabbit will not be getting a second season, despite previously announced plans.

Channel 4 backtracked on the initial order for season two in light of budget cuts as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

The Objective Media Group, which had produced Year of the Rabbit, was financed by Channel 4 and IFC in the US last year and is now searching for new investors.


Year Of The Rabbit is a victim of the devastating effects of Covid,” OMG chief executive Layla Smith told Deadline. “IFC are very committed to the show, but we will need to find another partner — and we’re working on that.”

A spokeswoman for Channel 4 added: “We’re hugely proud of this hilarious and fearless comedy series, but as result of the impact of Covid on our schedules we have made the difficult decision not to enter into a second series with a heavy heart.”

Year of the Rabbit starred Berry as a detective in Victorian London fighting crime alongside his partner played by Freddie Fox, and the UK’s first female police officer, played by Susan Wokoma.

Berry wrote the sitcom alongside Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil, who also worked on Veep.

Meanwhile, Matt Berry confirmed last year that his hit sitcom Toast would return after five years off screens, now set in America. 


“The idea is that he leaves Britain and goes to Hollywood,” he said. “It’s set in America but it’ll be shot it Britain; they’ve been doing that for years, like they did with Episodes.

“Quite a lot is written – there’s five years worth of material! I had nothing to do in 2016 for some reason so I wrote a few episodes of Toast in case it ever came back.”

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