Matt LeBlanc reveals Damian Lewis auditioned for role in ‘Episodes’

'Homeland' actor tried out for role that eventually went to Stephen Mangan

Matt LeBlanc has revealed that Damian Lewis once auditioned to be in Episodes.

The audition came before Lewis landed a role in Homeland and would have seen him play the character of Sean, the sitcom writer working on a US remake of his successful British show, which eventually went to Stephen Mangan.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, LeBlanc said: “I remember when we were casting the role of Sean… and Damian Lewis came in. The part is this very quiet, optimistic writer – very sort of timid – and Damian Lewis is not like that at all.

“He came in and read it, and it sounded like two guys about to go out and get into a bar fight! He was like, ‘I don’t think I’m right for this’.”

Episodes also stars Tamsin Greig and is currently approaching the end of its third series on BBC Two in the UK, and will return for a fourth in the future.