Matt LeBlanc says he can’t escape his ‘Friends’ catchphrase

"How you doin'" has even followed him to the Atlas Mountains

Matt LeBlanc has said he still can’t escape his Friends catchphrase.

The actor played Joey Tribbiani in the long-running US sitcom, whose most infamous, reoccurring line was “How you doin’?”

Now, LeBlanc has said, even though the show ended in 2004, he still has fans saying the line to him all the time and all around the world.


“I was in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, shooting a thing for Top Gear, he told Entertainment Weekly. “I mean, we were far away from civilization. And these people were wearing robes, and they live in caves and stuff.

“They called me Joey and said, ‘How you doin’?’ in a really butchered accent. It was like, ‘Oh wow. Did not see that one coming.’ The show is everywhere. It still holds up.”

Friends ran for ten years from 1994 to 2004.