Matt LeBlanc recalls embarrassing himself on stage with Chris Rock at a Taylor Swift show

The 'Top Gear' presenter recently took his young daughter to see the pop singer in LA, when he was invited to come on stage

Matt LeBlanc has spoken about being invited on stage with Chris Rock at a recent Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles.

The Friends actor and Top Gear presenter was appearing on Conan last night when he told the story of how he and the comedian ended up walking down Swift’s catwalk.

Explaining that he was at the concert accompanying his young daughter, LeBlanc told the eponymous host that they were invited backstage to meet Swift, where they also encountered Chris Rock with his two daughters.

“Taylor said, ‘Hey, the guy from my video is here – who’s the number one male model in the world – and I wanna introduce him on stage, and I’d love it if you and Chris came up on stage so I could introduced you as the “number 2 and number 3 male models in the world,”‘” LeBlanc said. “I had no idea it was coming, and Chris hadn’t shaved – we’re not really ready to go on stage at the Staples Center! But we were like, ‘Whatever you need, Taylor!'”

A fan-shot clip of their impromptu catwalk was then shown, which showed LeBlanc and Rock smiling and waving at the crowd – but LeBlanc then revealed that his daughter thought his on-stage cameo was “cheesy.”

Watch the interview below.

Matt LeBlanc Made A Fool Of Himself On Stage With Taylor Swift – CONAN on TBS

Matt was going for Cool Dad points by goofing around with Taylor, but his daughter thought he was too cheesy. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O’Brien, CONAN on TBS &

LeBlanc will present the forthcoming new season of Top Gear without his initial co-host Chris Evans, who quit the motoring show after just one series back in June.