Matt Smith says sexual harassment conversation ‘shouldn’t stop at’ Hollywood

'The Crown' star has spoken out about the need to give people outside the film industry a platform

Matt Smith has spoken out about the need to give people outside of the public eye a platform to discuss their sexual harassment experiences.

The actor, who plays Prince Philip in The Crown, revealed he has also had his own unsavoury interactions with men in Hollywood in a new interview.

Speaking to the Telegraph Magazine, he said: “The conversation shouldn’t stop at this industry just because these are “celebrities” who we know about who are involved. It has to be broader. People in other industries have to have a platform to be heard as well.

sexual harassment

Matt Smith has spoken out about sexual harassment

“What happens to the cleaner or the lady who works in a clothes shop?” he added.

Continuing, Smith also briefly discussed harassment not just being an issue for women. “That’s not to say I haven’t been objectified before by men, because I have, just like women are objectified,” he said. “It’s not exclusive to them. This happens to men, too.”

sexual harassment

Harvey Weinstein is among those who’ve been accused of sexual misconduct recently

Hollywood has been at the centre of a spate of sexual misconduct allegations recently, with prominent figures in the film industry, including Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, and James Toback being accused of multiple counts of harassment and abuse.

Weinstein has denied allegations made against him, while, through his attorney, Ratner has also denied those levelled at him. Toback also denied the claims against him in a statement to the Los Angeles Times and in an interview with Rolling Stone. Spacey, meanwhile, apologised for his actions, which he described as “deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour”.