Matthew Macfadyen on ‘Succession’ season three finale twist: “It made sense to me”

**Spoilers ahead**

Succession star Matthew Macfadyen has discussed the show’s season three finale.

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The episode shook up the show’s power dynamics significantly, as Tom Wambsgans (Macfadyen) tipped off Logan Roy (Brian Cox) about the plans of his wife Shiv (Sarah Snook) and her siblings Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Kendall (Jeremy Strong) to stop Waystar Royco from merging with GoJo.


After being sidelined (and almost served up as prison fodder), Tom, along with Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun), now looks set to have a bigger seat at the table by remaining loyal to Logan.

Speaking to Deadline about the twist, Macfadyen explained Tom’s motivations in deceiving his own wife. “Yes, it made sense to me. It’s an accumulation; it’s a pivot by a thousand cuts,” Macfadyen said.

“From the very beginning, he’s had to take a lot. She speaks of an open marriage on their wedding night; it hasn’t been an easy ride for Tom, he’s had to take a lot of shit from the brothers and from his father-in-law and everybody. And then there’s the real terror of potential jail time.

“I think something flipped. But when I read the last episode, I was like, ‘This makes sense.’”

Logan entertains a different direction for Waystar Royco (Picture: Sky)

While he hasn’t seen or heard anything about season four of Succession, Macfadyen did say that he is keen to find out whether Logan will ever be toppled.


“Logan is the lone star,” Macfadyen said. “That’s the fun of it. I’m so fascinated to know what they come up with. We don’t get the episodes until the day before we start shooting them, which is the day before the table read.

“Every episode is ‘Wow’. You can’t plan anything and I love that way of working.”

Succession writer and executive producer Georgia Pritchett previously said the show will run for a maximum of five seasons back in June.

“I think the maximum would be five seasons, but possibly more like four,” Pritchett said.

HBO confirmed the show would return for a fourth season earlier this year, although it’s unclear when it will be released.

In NME’s four-star review of Succession season three, it reads: “In this new season we may have wanted a little less ‘optics’ and ‘temperature’ and a little more mask-slipping.

“But, whether it can be categorised as pleasure or not, Succession’s grip continues to pull us in as strongly as ever, down into the murky deep.”

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