Matthew McConaughey says he’s ‘in talks’ to return to ‘True Detective’

McConaughey admits he misses being in the show

True Detective actor Matthew McConaughey has revealed he has been in talks with the show’s creator about returning to the series.

McConaughey played detective Rustin Cohle in the first series of the HBO drama, which replaced the actor and co-star Woody Harrelson with new actors and characters in Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn for its second season.


The second season was poorly received, which has led to speculation that the show has been cancelled. But McConaughey told US chatshow The Rich Eisen Show that he has talked to series creator Nic Pizzolatto about Cohle returning to the show.

McConaughey said: “I would return. It’d have to be in the right context and the right way. It’d need that spark like when I first read the scripts. When I read it, I knew after 20 minutes that I could play this guy and that I’m in.”

The actor, whose new film Free State Of Jones is released in the US on Friday, added: “I miss Cohle, and I miss watching him on Sunday nights. I was a happy man when we made that show, because for six months I was on my own island.”

HBO head of programming admitted that the second season was ‘rushed’ and that Pizzolatto was under pressure to write it quicker than he wished.

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