Viewers all seem to have the same bizarre complaint about new series ‘McMafia’

"Quick, need a course in Russian"

Viewers have spoken out to complain about the subtitles on the acclaimed and hyped new series, McMafia.

McMafia is a new crime thriller about Alex Godman (played by James Norton)  – who is drawn into his family’s world of international crime after tragedy strikes.

The first episode received its premiere on BBC One last night, however many viewers took to Twitter to complain that the subtitles for the foreign language scenes were not only too small, but also not on screen for long enough.

The second episode of McMafia will be televised on BBC One at 9pm this evening (Tuesday January 2).

Meanwhile, Norton recently spoke out to distance himself from rumours about being Daniel Craig’s successor to be the new James Bond.

“It’s lovely, wonderful and complimentary to be involved in that conversation but it’s just a rumour mill and that’s as far as it goes,” he said.  “I did mention at the time that those scenes would possibly contribute to the [Bond] rumours but McMafia is its own beast.

“I hope Daniel Craig does five more movies and can keep the rumours on himself. I’m a big fan of his and – selfishly – I’d like him to carry on.”

Back in February, and long before McMafia hit screens, Coral’s Dan Stevens said of Norton’s shortening odds: “Out of nowhere we’ve been hit with a surge of bets for Norton to be the next Bond.

“Even after slashing the odds to 5/2 we are still seeing money for the actor, leaving us both shaken and stirred.”