‘Broad City’ star Ilana Glazer says she fired two people after they sexually harassed her

“I was asked ‘are you sure?’ hm okay yeah lemme think for a sec — YEAH I’M FUCKING SURE.”

Broad City co-creator Ilana Glazer has spoken out about her experiences of being sexually harassed in the workplace.

In a note posted on Instagram last night, the actress and comedian added her contribution to the widespread #MeToo hashtag, that has seen women around the world share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault.

“I’ve been sexually harassed countless times,” she wrote, admitting, “I’ve fired a couple dudes — one background actor and one sound guy.”


Glazer then recounted what happened when she reported the incidents: “I was asked ‘are you sure?’ hm okay yeah lemme think for a sec — YEAH I’M FUCKING SURE.”

The star also reported being harassed at middle and high school, and as a waitress and showrunner. “I was a woman in both places,” she adds.

Glazer describes filing a complaint after being harassed by a “creepyass doctor” last year. See the full note below:


Actress Alyssa Milano promoted the #MeToo campaign over the weekend following the multiple allegations of sexual assault levelled at Harvey Weinstein in recent weeks.

Posting to Twitter, Milano wrote, “‘if all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘me too’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem’.”


Lady Gaga, Anna Paquin and London Grammar’s Hannah Reid have all voiced their support for the campaign.