Michael C. Hall says he understands fan frustration with ‘Dexter’ finale

"As far as the execution goes, we were all running on vapour at that point"

Michael C. Hall has commented on the finale of Dexter, saying he understands fans’ frustrations with how the show ended.

The Showtime drama, in which the actor played the titular vigilante serial killer, came to a close in 2013 after eight seasons on the air. However, it is now set to return for a 10-episode limited series.

“[Filming the new series has] been gratifying,” Hall said during an interview on Times Radio. “I think the show ended in a way that was pretty mystifying at best if not infuriating for people, but that at least set the stage for us to return and answer more definitively what the hell happened to this guy.”


He added that, while he supported the “choice” that his character made, “as far as the execution goes, we were all running on vapour at that point, so I get it”.

Michael C. Hall as the titular serial killer in ‘Dexter’. Credit: Showtime/Alamy

The show ended with Dexter burying his sister Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter) at sea after she was left in a coma after being shot. He then sailed into a hurricane and was later presumed dead after his boat was found in pieces.

However, it was revealed that he faked his death and has been keeping a low profile working at a lumber company in Oregon. Speaking about where the new series will pick up, Hall said: “We pick him up as if as much time has passed for him as has passed for the rest of us.”

The new series of Dexter is in its final weeks of filming and will air in the US on November 7.

A new teaser clip for the series was revealed last month, giving fans a glimpse at Dexter’s new identity. “Morning Jimmy”, one person says to him as he walks down the streets of his new town. Another calls him “Jimbo”, before a group of teenagers address him as “Mr. Lindsay”.


Speaking about the revival with NME recently, Hall said: “I don’t really know what to expect, as I’ve never returned to a job after so much time. Having Dexter in a completely different context, we’ll see how that feels.

“It’s been interesting to figure out how to do that and I thought it was time to find out what the hell happened to him.”

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