Michael Cera talks about whether ‘Arrested Development’ season 5 will be the last

Actor discusses future of 'Arrested Development' and potential movie

Arrested Development star Michael Cera has talked about the future of the show, whether there will be any further episodes beyond the upcoming season 5 and if we’ll ever see an Arrested Development movie.

Netflix officially commissioned the fifth season of the cult sitcom back in May, having already brought the show back for a fourth season in 2013. Season 5 is expected to air in 2018.

Speaking to NME recently, Cera said: “We’re smack in the middle of production but are on hiatus for a week. It’s so strange to be around all these people again.”

“The strange thing is that I met the rest of the cast for the first time when I was 14, then years go by and we all get back together. Now more years have gone by and we’re back again. It’s a strange and confusing thing, but it’s really fun. There’s a lot of moments when we’re all just laughing and having a good time.”

I had a one-on-one scene with [co-star] Jason Bateman again recently and it was strange how familiar and comfortable it was,” Cera added. “We know each other’s rhythms without needing to discuss it. There’s a common approach between us. I’ve definitely learned a lot from Jason. Since I was still a kid, I’ve developed my acting based on him.”

On whether season 5 will be the show’s last, Cera said: “I really don’t know. Netflix seem to be completely behind the show so I’d imagine they’d be open to doing some more. I think everyone else would be game. We’ll see.”

Asked about the long-rumoured Arrested Development movie, Cera replied: “I haven’t heard any discussions about that. I remember when the show was first cancelled and there was talk of that. But I think the problem was that so much time had gone by that the first 40 minutes of the movie would be having to catch people up on where the characters had been.”

Sharon Van Etten and Michael Cera

Sharon Van Etten and Michael Cera

Michael Cera recently teamed up with Sharon Van Etten to release new song ‘Best I Can’. The song was penned for new documentary film Dina, which Cera provided the music for.

Cera released his debut album ‘True That’ via Bandcamp in 2014. On whether he will release any more music in the near future, Cera told NME: “I’m always working on music but it’s always a hobby of mine and more of an outlet. I don’t really have any desire or ambition to have a career in music, which means there’s no pressure behind it. But hopefully it will yield [another] collection of something that I feel is good enough to share.”