Michaela Coel’s debut book to hit shelves this autumn

It's been described as "a rousing and bold case against fitting in"

Michaela Coel will be making her debut as an author with her first book, Misfits: A Personal Manifesto.

The book is set to focus on topics Coel explored in her MacTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh Festival in 2018.

The writer and I May Destroy You creator defines the word “misfit” as she sees it in her lecture.


“The term misfits takes on dual notions; a misfit is one who looks at life differently,” Coel begins. “Many however, are made into misfits because life looks at them differently; the UK’s black, Asian, and ginger communities for example.

“The term can be cross-generational and crosses concepts of gender or culture, simply by a desire for transparency, a desire to see another’s point of view. Misfits who visibly fit in will sometimes find themselves merging with the mainstream, for a feeling of safety.”

She continues: “Of late, channels, production companies, and online streaming services have found themselves scrabbling for misfits like kids in a playground scrabbling for sweets – desperate for a chew, not sure of the taste of these sweets, these dreams, just aware they might be very profitable.

“Is it important that voices used to interruption get the experience of writing something without interference at least once?”

UK publisher Ebury will be releasing the book in September. The publisher said that with Misfits Coel “makes a compelling case for radical honesty” and will be “a rousing and bold case against fitting in”.


Henry Holt will be publishing the book in the US, where it will also be released in the autumn.