Michaela Coel says experiencing racism reminds her to keep fighting

"As long as these issues are still happening, I am happy to speak"

Michaela Coel has said she’s “lucky” to still experience racism in places where she’s unknown, as a reminder to keep fighting it.

The I May Destroy You creator said she does not wish to be “deluded” about such issues not happening anymore, and opened up about experiencing racism in different countries where she’s not famous.

“I am a Black woman and that will always be true,” Coel told Elle. “And, for me, there is nothing like going to a different country where nobody knows me and experiencing the way security guards follow me around the pharmacy or grocery shop.


“The dirty looks I receive, the fact that cars don’t want to stop on a zebra crossing. All these things reinstall that I am a Black woman.”

She added: “As long as these issues are still happening, I am happy to speak, because I could be deluded and forget that that’s a part of me. I’m really lucky that there are places where I’m not known and so it allows me to still experience it.”

Earlier this year, Michaela Coel confirmed there would not be a follow-up season to I May Destroy You.

“Definitely, there won’t be a second season of I May Destroy You,” Coel told Digital Spy at a press conference following her BAFTA win for Best Actress back in June.

“I think I May Destroy You has been so huge it’s destroyed itself, but you know, we continue making work and we do other things.”