Michaela Coel teases her next TV series after ‘I May Destroy You’

'I May Destroy You' is streaming in full on iPlayer now

Michaela Coel has teased her next project after I May Destroy You.

Speaking about her recent hit BBC/HBO series, Coel said on Obsessed with… I May Destroy You that she has “a little something on my mind”.

“It is in the back of my mind,” Coel said regarding a new show. “And I keep telling this idea to wait because we’ve got to finish giving birth to I May Destroy You before I start thinking about having other children!”


Following the premiere of the show’s final two episodes on Monday (July 13), Coel has said the show could benefit from a rewatch. “There are Easter eggs littered all over that show and I think you have to rewatch and rewatch and rewatch to really begin enjoying it,” she explained.

Last week, Coel revealed that Netflix had offered her a $1million deal to release I May Destroy You on their streaming platform – which the writer-actor refused in order to preserve a percentage of the copyright.

Coel said she spoke with “a senior-level development executive” at Netflix in order to negotiate “at least 5 percent of the copyright”, and explained: “There was just silence on the phone. And she said, ‘It’s not how we do things here. Nobody does that, it’s not a big deal.’

“I said, ‘If it’s not a big deal, then I’d really like to have 5 percent of my rights.’ ”

Conversations eventually saw Coel ask for just 0.5 percent, to which the executive said, before putting it to her superiors: “Michaela? I just want you to know I’m really proud of you. You’re doing the right thing.”


I May Destroy You is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer.