Millie Bobby Brown posts Instagram tribute to ‘Stranger Things’ co-star after dramatic season three finale


Millie Bobby Brown has paid tribute to Stranger Things co-star Dacre Montgomery, after his performance in the show’s latest season won praise from fans.

Montgomery’s character Billy Hargrove becomes a major antagonist in season three after his body is taken over by the Mind Flayer, leading to danger and devastation in Hawkins.

While Billy was portrayed as a bully even before he became possessed by the Upside Down creature, he is ultimately redeemed in the season finale when Eleven (Brown) uses her psychokinetic abilities to remind him of his happiest childhood memories, which allows him to free himself from the Mind Flayer’s control and eventually sacrifice himself to save Eleven.


Posting a photo of the pair together as they filmed the pivotal scene, Brown wrote on Instagram: “One of my favourite people I’ve gotten to work with.

“Always so considerate and kind to me while filming some of the toughest scenes I’ve ever filmed. Mate, you gonna go snatch those awards okurrrr.”

It comes after Montgomery explained how he had researched split personalities and bipolar before filming season three.

“This season, Billy is like a rubber band that keeps getting tauter, and I tried to convey that in my physicality,” Montgomery told The Independent.

“But if you look at my eyes, that’s non-Flayed Billy trying to come through. The whole season, I felt like my eyes were bleeding because I was trying to push out this emotion to play as a counter to my physicality.”


The Australian actor has also opened up on how he battled childhood anxiety before finding fame.

Meanwhile, the producers of Stranger Things have hinted at a possible fourth season, with rumours that filming will begin sometime later this autumn.