Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam says troupe’s reunion is ‘depressing’

He adds that the comedy group have 'become the Establishment we took the piss out of'

Monty Python‘s Terry Gilliam has said that he find’s the troupe’s reunion ‘depressing’.

The comedy group will play a series of reunion shows at London’s O2 Arena this July. Although they were originally scheduled to play only one show, they added an extra four dates after tickets for the first performance sold out in 43.5 seconds. The show will contain new material as well as some “greatest hits” and material they’ve never performed live onstage before, plus animation from Terry Gilliam. The troupe last performed live at the Hollywood Bowl in July, 1980. They last performed in London at Drury Lane Theatre in 1974.

Now, in an interview with the Evening Standard, Gilliam has said that they have “sold out” by getting back together again. “The truth is I find it depressing that we’re getting back together again,” he commented. “It’s like, we worked so hard to get careers beyond it, to get to this stage, and now we’re being dragged back again.”


Saying “in the end we sold out”, he also explained that it was harder for the group to do comedy anymore because “we’ve become the Establishment we took the piss out of”.

Meanwhile, the album ‘Monty Python Sings (Again)’ will be released on June 9 and feature five new tracks alongside some of Monty Python’s best known comedy songs. The album was first released in 1989 and features tracks from the group’s films and TV work, including ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ and ‘Knights of the Round Table (Camelot Song)’.