‘Mork & Mindy’ star Pam Dawber says Robin Williams groped and “flashed” her on set

“I had the grossest things done to me by him and I never took offence," Dawber recalled about the late actor's alleged conduct on set

Pam Dawber has said that her Mork & Mindy co-star Robin Williams repeatedly “flashed, humped, bumped [and] grabbed” her on the set of the TV show – but maintained that she “never took offence” to the late actor’s alleged actions.

Dawber and Williams were the two leads in the Happy Days spin-off, which aired from 1978 to 1982. The success of the show served as the launchpad for Williams’ subsequent movie career.

In a forthcoming new biography of Williams – who died in 2014 – by the New York Times journalist Dave Itzkoff, Dawber alleged that Williams groped and flashed her repeatedly during filming of Mork & Mindy.


“I had the grossest things done to me by him,” Dawber, who played Mindy, said. “And I never took offence. I mean I was flashed, humped, bumped, grabbed. I think he probably did it to a lot of people… but it was so much fun.

“Somehow he had that magic. If you put it on paper you would be appalled,” she continued. “But somehow he had this guileless little thing that he would do – those sparkly eyes.

“He’d look at you, really playful, like a puppy, all of a sudden. And then he’d grab your tits and then run away. And somehow he could get away with it. It was the ’70s, after all.”

Speaking about Williams’ alleged conduct on set, Mork & Mindy director Howard Storm is quoted in the biography as saying: “It was just Robin being Robin.

“He’d be doing a paragraph and in the middle of it he would just turn and grab her ass. Or grab a breast. And we’d start again. I’d say, ‘Robin, there’s nothing in the script that says you grab Pam’s ass.’ And he’d say: ‘Oh, OK.’’’


Despite his alleged behaviour towards her, Dawber also praised Williams’ “gigantic heart”, saying: “I really loved Robin and Robin really loved me. We just clicked.”

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