‘My Name’ director thanks ‘Squid Game’ for giving attention to Korean content

Kim Jin-min also provided an update about a potential second season for the series

My Name director Kim Jin-min has expressed his gratitude to Squid Game for putting Korean content on the map for international viewers.

In a recent interview with The Korea Herald, Kim Jin-min spoke about the immense success of the South Korean thriller series Squid Game, which was released last month, and the impact it has had on the reception of My Name.

Kim was asked if he felt that Squid Game‘s popularity has placed pressure on him and My Name to succeed, especially considering that Han So-hee drama was released so soon after the global sensation.


In response, Kim said that he believes Squid Game‘s popularity has given his own show a boost. “I might have to thank Squid Game for focusing international attention on Korean content,” he said.

Kim also revealed that he currently has “no specific plans” for a second season of the series, adding that “we have to wait for Netflix and the screenwriter” on a decision for the show’s future.

My Name, Netflix’s brand-new action crime series, is shaping up to be another global hit. The show currently sits in the top ten of Netflix’s charts in several countries, and is only bested by Squid Game, Maid and the third season of You globally.

My Name revolves around Ji-woo (portrayed by Han So-hee), a woman who becomes driven by revenge after witnessing her father’s murder. The series follows her path of becoming a member of her father’s criminal gang, to later infiltrating the law enforcement agency involved in the murder.

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