‘My Name’ writer reveals Han So-hee was initially “intimidated” by its script

Co-star Ahn Bo-hyun also shared that he was given "several options" for his role in the series

Kim Ba-da, the writer of hit Netflix series My Namehas revealed lead actress Han So-hee’s initial reaction to its script.

In a commentary video for Netflix’s latest Korean action series My Name, the main cast, comprising of Han So-hee, Ahn Bo-hyun and Kim Hee-soon, alongside the show’s director Kim Jin-min and scriptwriter Kim Ba-da, broke down various key scenes from the series.

When recalling the cast and crew’s “first encounters” with each other as production for My Name began, the series’ director revealed that the show’s scriptwriter “really wanted” Han as its lead protagonist, explaining that she was looking for a “beautiful female character” to perform its action scenes.


“I still remember when my script got approved,” scriptwriter Kim reminisced. “I heard that [Han So-hee] was intimidated when she first got the script, but it kept coming back to her so she decided to finally do it.”

“Things went smoothly once we got So-hee’s approval,” added director Kim Jin-min.

Meanwhile, co-star Ahn Bo-hyun also shared that in the earlier stages of the show’s production, he was actually “assigned a different role at first”, but was ultimately given “several options” for his part in the series. He later decided to play the show’s male lead, recalling: “So I said, ‘The main character, of course!'”

In a previous interview, director Kim expressed his gratitude to Squid Game for putting Korean content on the map for international viewers, saying that its success had a huge impact on the reception of My Name.