Netflix announces premiere date for second season of ‘Cheer’

The season will notably discuss the arrest of breakout star Jerry Harris, who last year was charged with several counts of sexual misconduct

Netflix has revealed the premiere date for the second season of Cheer, some two years after the docuseries first arrived on the platform.

Filmed in secret throughout the past two years, the second season – premiering on January 12, 2022 – notably promises to discuss the arrest of, and multiple sexual misconduct charges, including allegedly soliciting child pornography, laid against breakout star Jerry Harris.

In a press statement provided to Variety, director Greg Whiteley said the allegations made against Harris would “be impossible to ignore”.


“I was floored and heartbroken. I tried to unpack what it was that I was feeling. Here was a person that I felt like I knew very, very well,” Whiteley said of when he first heard the news around Harris.

“But then there was news that led me to believe I didn’t know everything about this person and that led to, in a weird way, me mourning the passing of the person that I thought I knew. Jerry would’ve been impossible to ignore because it impacted the team so severely.”

Whiteley says that Harris is discussed in-depth in episode five of the new season, and will include interviews with the brothers that alleged they were 13 years old when Harris first communicated with them sexually.

“[The brothers] have an important story to tell,” Whiteley said, “my job is to allow them to tell it.”


In addition to Harris, the second season of Cheer is set to cover the impact of COVID-19 on Navarro College’s cheerleading team, as well as the newfound fame the show itself brought them.

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