‘Bodyguard’ star Richard Madden shares apology gift he received from Netflix

It all stemmed from a misunderstanding the actor had with an official at Netflix HQ

Bodyguard star Richard Madden has revealed the contents of a gift he was sent by Netflix as an apology following a recent mix-up with one of the officials at their HQ.

Madden, who has also starred in Game of Thrones and Cinderella, recently recalled in an interview an awkward encounter he had with a Netflix employee who prevented him from taking a bottle of water which was branded with the streaming service’s logo.

Speaking to KTLA Morning News last week (November 1), Madden said: “I walked in and was told I was in the wrong building. But there was a fridge of Netflix-branded water, which I went to grab a bottle of and he said you have to go around the corner for your guys’ show.

“I said, ‘Cool, I’ll just grab a bottle of water,’ which I was told ‘No, you’re not allowed to, it’s for Netflix employees only’.”

“I am a Netflix employee, I’m on a show!” Madden said he then implored to the official. The reply: “Sir, you have to put that water back now. You have to leave now, sir.”

Netflix – which recently acquired the international rights to Bodyguard – have jokily attempted to ‘soothe relations’ with Madden by sending him a tongue-in-cheek gift: numerous cases of Netflix-branded water bottles.

The actor revealed the gift on his Instagram Story, along with the contents of a note from Netflix: “Dear Mr Madden – Our deepest apologies for the water bottle situation.

“Normally, we give them out gladly but your fans are always so thirsty… Love, Netflix.”

Last week, Madden confirmed that he was in talks about reprising his lead role as Sergeant David Budd in a second season of Bodyguard.