Netflix could be set to lose 750,000 UK subscribers to Disney+

It comes after the likes of 'Modern Family', 'Sons Of Anarchy' and 'Prison Break' were removed from the streaming service

Netflix could be set to lose up to 750,000 UK subscribers after Disney+ took back control of a number of popular shows.

The streaming service has already lost five titles, including Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Sons Of Anarchy, Prison Break and New Girl. Netflix also looks set to lose Homeland to its rival in the coming weeks.

Analysts at the research firm Digital i estimate that the loss of the titles could cost Netflix UK as much as £90m annually if all of the 750,000 subscribers were to move to Disney+, reports The Guardian.


“The viewing to these six titles, five of which have already left Netflix, was significant in the UK,” said Ali Vahdati, the founder and chief executive of Digital i. “This means a significant number of subscribers will begin to question their Netflix subscription and look to the new home of their favourite content, Disney+.”

Modern Family
The cast of ‘Modern Family’ CREDIT: Alamy

It comes after Netflix recently forecast its lowest number of new global subscribers since 2010.

Digital i estimated that content licensed from Disney accounted for about 12 per cent of the viewing of Netflix’s most popular content in the first quarter of last year, with the streaming service removing nearly all of its top-ranking titles in the UK since then.

Modern Family was the most streamed Netflix show in Europe in 2020,” Vahdati, who claims the loss of that show could see 270,000 subscribers moving to Disney+ alone, added. “Our previous research showed that over half of Netflix’s top viewing was to major [Hollywood] studio content.”

Netflix recently increased its prices for users in the US, with subscribers on all plans being affected.


Despite the loss of several programmes, it is still the most popular streaming service in the UK, with an estimated 14million subscribers at the end of last year – ahead of Amazon at 12.3million and Disney+ at 4.7million.

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