Netflix documentary reveals how ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ saved an innocent man from the death penalty

Juan Catalan was arrested for murder in 2003

A new documentary has revealed how Curb Your Enthusiasm was used to stop a man from being condemned to his death for a crime he didn’t commit.

‘Long Shot’ tells the story of Juan Catalan, who was arrested for murder in 2003 and continually maintained his innocence by claiming that he was at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game on the night of the crime.

When Catalan’s lawyer pressed him for details of the evening, Juan recalled how “they may have been filming something there that day”, but he was unable to recall what exactly it was.

As it turned out, the filming was for ‘The Car Pool Lane’, a 2004 episode of Curb that sees Larry David taking a prostitute to a baseball game.

Amazingly, Catalan was cleared after his lawyer scoured the raw tapes of the episode and spotted him sitting in the very seat where he had claimed to be – pinpointing his exact position in a stadium that boasts a capacity of 56,000.

“We were in for an enormous fight”, Catalan’s lawyer reveals in the trailer.

“The prosecutor assigned to the case had never lost. She liked to pick off people with the death penalty.”

Long Shot is set to premiere on Netflix on September 30. Curb Your Enthusiasm, meanwhile, will return to HBO next month – with several episodes being leaked by a hacker last month ahead of the season 9 premiere.