Netflix reveal list of the first shows viewers ever binge-watched

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Netflix has unveiled a list of the first shows that viewers ever binge-watched on the streaming service, with Breaking Bad coming out on top.

The streaming service classes “binge-watching” as users completing an entire season of a show within seven days.

Netflix recently revealed the UK’s most binge-raced shows of 2017, now sharing the shows that users binge-watched first.


Both globally and in the UK, Breaking Bad tops the list, with Orange Is The New Black following closely.

The UK list, however, includes notable British shows not featured in the global list, like The Inbetweeners and Peaky Blinders.

It’s also notable how both the UK and global first-binged lists predominantly feature Netflix original shows.

See the lists in full beneath.

The UK’s first binge-watched shows:

1. Breaking Bad
2. Orange is the New Black
3. Stranger Things
4. Prison Break
5. Narcos
6. House of Cards
7. The Inbetweeners
8. American Horror Story
9. Peaky Blinders
10. Pretty Little Liars
11. Sons of Anarchy
12. Dexter
13. Gossip Girl
14. Power
15. The Vampire Diaries
16. Suits
17. Gavin and Stacey
18. The Crown
19. Making a Murderer
20. Homeland


Global first binge-watched shows:

1. Breaking Bad
2. Orange is the New Black
3. The Walking Dead
4. Stranger Things
5. Narcos
6. House of Cards
7. Prison Break
8. 13 Reasons Why
9. Grey’s Anatomy
10. American Horror Story

Recently, Netflix confirmed that they’ll be releasing 80 of their own original films across the service in 2018.

The company plans to spend $8 billion on original content over the next year. Netflix released eight original films in the last quarter (ending September 30) and gained 5.3 million new customers during that time.