80% of Netflix users don’t watch its original content

Not even Stranger Things can tempt them

New figures have suggested that around 80% of Netflix users don’t watch the company’s original content.

Over the past few years, Netflix has produced some of the most critically-acclaimed shows such as Orange is the New Black, Black Mirror and Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

However, statistics from 7Park claims that 80% of US users’ tend to shun the original content and instead, binge licensed shows like Breaking Bad, The Office and Grey’s Anatomy.


It seems a big show like Stranger Things doesn’t do much to impact these figures, with 7Park claiming that in the week following Stranger Things’ debut, original content only made up around 35% of streamed content.

Meanwhile, Netflix has pulled its films from Cannes Film Festival following a row between the two entertainment giants.

The streaming service was recently banned from competing for Cannes’ prestigious Palme d’Or, after festival artistic director Thierry Fremaux confirmed that all films vying for the top spot will require a cinema release in France.

The new ruling is a direct response to the controversy that the festival faced last year, when two Netflix films were entered in competition for the Palme d’Or despite not being released in cinemas.

Responding to the new rules, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote on Facebook: “The establishment is closing ranks against us.”


Now, in an interview with Variety, Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos said of the company pulling out of Cannes: “It was not our decision to make.”

“We want our films to be on fair ground with every other film-maker,” he added. “There’s a risk in us going in this way and having our films and film-makers treated disrespectfully at the festival. They’ve set the tone. I don’t think it would be good for us to be there.”