Netflix responds to reports claiming that it is losing ‘The Office’

You can't get rid of Michael Scott that easily - for now, at least.

Netflix have responded to reports that it could lose The Office from its streaming library.

NBCUniversal, who own the Steve Carrell-fronted show, had previously licensed the comedy programme to the streaming platform.

With the network now set to launch its own streaming service, the Wall Street Journal reports executives have discussed removing the show from Netflix to make it exclusive to NBC’s own platform.


While this move would see the removal of the show on Netflix in the US only, it’s possible the same fate could happen in the UK if Universal decide to roll out a similar service globally in the coming years for its extensive library of shows.

Responding to the report, Netflix have promised that The Office isn’t going anywhere – for now at least.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday (April 24), a post from the official Netflix US account read: “Hello it’s me with your regularly scheduled reminder that The Office will be on Netflix until 2021 — at least!”

Back in December, Steve Carrell shared his thoughts about a potential reboot of The Office after rumours of revival talks.

Last year, officials at US network NBC claimed that they had “often talked” about bringing the hit comedy back, but it seems the show’s star is not too keen on the idea.


“I’ll tell you, no,” Carrell told Collider when asked about a revival. “I feel like I’m a broken record, talking about this because I get asked about it. The show is way more popular now than when it was on the air.

“I just can’t see it being the same thing, and I think most folks would want it to be the same thing, but it wouldn’t be. Ultimately, I think it’s maybe best to leave well enough alone and just let it exist as what it was.

“You’d literally have to have all of the same writers, the same producers, the same directors, and the same actors, and even with all of those components, it just wouldn’t be the same. So, no. But, I love the show. It was the most exciting time, and all of those people are my friends. We all love it. It was a special thing. It was a special thing before people thought it was a special thing. It was special to us before other people started feeling that way. But, no.”