Netflix is testing a ‘Top 50’ feature for UK subscribers

Expanding on the Top 10 released this year

Netflix is currently trialling a Top 50 feature for its UK subscribers.

According to S&P Global Market Intelligence reporter Saqib Shah, the streaming giant is testing the expansion on the Top 10 feature introduced earlier in the year.

“Netflix confirmed to me that is testing a Top 50 list, expanding on the Top 10 it rolled out earlier this year,” Shah tweeted. “In keeping with that feature, there is a Top 50 row for all content on the home page, and separate lists for films and TV shows.”


He then added, relaying a statement from Netflix: “As we have seen with the Top 10, members like to know what’s popular when picking what to watch. We’re testing if showing an expanded list of popular titles around the globe will be helpful. As with all our tests, we will only roll [it] out if members find it useful.”

“The aim is to make it easier for users to find something to watch, when they want to watch it,” Shah went on. “Top 10 is a good resource for that, but ultimately limited seeing as [Netflix] has a massive, expanding library. Hence now some [people] are seeing a longer Top 50 row of top ranked content.”
“The UK is an incredibly important market to Netflix and we are proud to be increasing our investment in the UK’s creative industries,” a spokesman for Netflix told The Guardian.

The CrownSex Education and The Witcher are among the shows that have been made in the UK this year and will be watched by the world. These shows are a testament to the depth of talent that exists here.”