Netflix’s ‘You’ without Joe Goldberg’s voiceover is even more creepy


Netflix have shared a selection of scenes from You without the voiceover of its murderous lead character Joe Goldberg – and fans are finding it even creepier than the original. Check out the video below.

The unnerving series became one of the streaming giant’s most successful offerings to date over Christmas, watched by an enormous 40 million households in its first month.

In the show, viewers are placed inside the twisted mind of the murderous antihero (played by Penn Badgley) as his obsession over Beck (Elizabeth Lail) grows more intense. However, things take a more sinister turn when Joe’s thought processes are erased.

Uploading the clip ‘YOU Without Joe’s Voiceover’ to YouTube, Netflix are allowing fans to sit uncomfortably in various lingering, awkward silences between Joe and Beck.

“This made it even creepier than what it originally was,” one viewer said of the edited clips. Another commented: “Makes you wonder what goes through people’s heads in your everyday life.”

A third described the new video as “so uncomfortable”.

Meanwhile, You showrunner Sera Gamble recently told NME that the show’s second season would begin filming this month. “The writers are in the writers’ room right now figuring out episodes five, six and seven,” she said. “We’re full steam ahead, it’s very exciting.”

Hinting at what could happen next as Joe moves to LA, Gamble added: “Without giving away too much, Joe thinks he’s gone out there by himself [Laughs]. So we can say that with like an ellipsis at the end of the sentence.

“He’s definitely trying to make a little bit of a left turn in his life. But you know, it’s really fun when a character makes plans right ’cause then you can just go blow them all.”