New Black Mirror series will include a choose-your-own-adventure episode

Things could get very, very dark

The new series of Black Mirror will include an episode where viewers can choose their own storyline.

The choose-your-own-adventure style special will be part of Netflix’s foray into interactive TV, blending functions from video games into the traditional series format.

An anonymous source spoke to Bloomberg, revealing that the interactive episode will form part of the fifth series of Black Mirror, which is set to return to the streaming service in December.


This new function is very close to the subject matter of Black Mirror. The sci-fi series often explores the uneasy relationship between humans and developing technology. The episode in question will seemingly join a number of interactive ‘specials’ across the network’s catalogue.

Netflix has already released a number of choose-your-own-adventure episodes of Puss in Book specifically for children.

But the optional stories that viewers can select from the Black Mirror episode’s main narrative will be more complicated than the offers via Puss in Book.

In other recent news, Black Mirror star Michaela Coel said she was sexually assaulted while working on E4 series, ‘Chewing Gum’.


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