New ‘Friends’ conspiracy fan theory links the show to the rise of Starbucks


A new fan conspiracy theory has surfaced around ‘Friends’ – this time linking the hit ’90s TV show to the rise of coffee chain Starbucks.

After ‘Friends’ co-creator Marta Kauffman recently responded to the ‘Dark Phoebe’ theory that every episode was actually in her imagination and she was just ‘a creepy woman on a bench’ watching the rest of the characters, now there’s a new one for fans to investigate.

Now, radio presenter Alex Baker has found that ‘Friends’ might just be “a mad, elaborate stage-setter for Starbucks” and a “meticulously-planned priming exercise to manipulate human behaviour, getting them away from pubs ( like in the show’Cheers’) and into Coffee Shops ( as with ‘Friends’).”


Dark Phoebe theory

Before vowing to watch each and every episode from all 10 seasons to find evidence to back his theory, Baker starts with the basic foundations. He notes that not only does the character Rachel bare a striking resemblance to the Starbucks logo, but also that her name is green – the same colour. He also notes that Ross and Monica’s surname is ‘Geller’, while ‘Gellen’ is the German word for ‘to yell’ (like the staff in Starbucks yell out your name). It grows more tenuous with links to Moby Dick, candles and how Frasier left Cheers for a new career in Seattle where Starbucks was founded.

There may be some credibility in his theory as the success of ‘Friends’ coincides with Starbucks spreading to international territories in the mid ’90s, or it could just be a sign of the growing popularity of coffee shops. Keep an eye on Alex Baker’s Twitter for his latest findings.

The characters certainly did spend a lot of time in the Starbucks-esque Central Perk in the show. So much so, that one fan recently re-watched all 236 episodes of the classic sitcom to monitor the characters’ drinking habits.  He found that a total of 1,154 cups of coffee were drunk across the show’s decade-long run.