Fans think this ‘Game of Thrones’ theory about the Battle of Winterfell could actually be real

Are the Winterfell crypts actually a terrible place to put the North’s noncombatants?

Game Of Thrones fans have identified one fan theory stemming from the new series that they believe could be real.

Currently airing its eighth and final series, the theories surrounding the popular HBO drama are coming in thick and fast, but a post from Song of Ice and Fire blogger Steven Attewell has been raising eyebrows because some believe it might just be true.

On Attewell’s Tumblr page, Race for the Iron Throne, a reader posed the following question: What did he think of the theory that the Winterfell crypts are actually a terrible place to put the North’s noncombatants, given that they’re full of corpses, which happen to be the raw material for the Night King’s army?


Attewell answered: “I don’t think the Starks of ages past, so focused on the coming of winter, buried their dead with iron swords because they were stupid men. If anything, I think the Winterfell crypts are [George R.R. Martin]’s spin on the Dead Men of Dunharrow.”

According to Nate Jones, movies writer at Vulture, this means in other words “the dead Starks in the crypts won’t rise up and turn against the living; they’ll rise up and protect them.”

While not all of the themes of creator George RR Martin’s novels have made it into the show, if the theory is to be believed, this one could.

“Martin laid a lot of ground for the idea that Winterfell has special properties that make it a safe haven during Northern winters,” Jones explained. “The North retains a strong cultural memory of the original fight against the White Walkers, and it would make sense for the specific burial practices of House Stark to tie into their efforts, instead of being the thing that destroys them.”

He added: “As Attewell notes, the dead Starks aiding their descendants in battle is a riff on the Dead Men of Dunharrow from Lord of the Rings, which introduced many of the genre tropes that Martin is revising in his series.”


Meanwhile, a new waxwork based on Game of Thrones has been revealed – and fans can’t stop laughing about it.

The Dublin Waxworks Museum has added a waxwork of dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen (who is played by Emilia Clarke), and the museum’s Laois Keaveney said they were “delighted to add an extra woman to the museum.”

While the museum are very proud of the new addition, fans are not quite as impressed – expressing that the new waxwork looked more like Legolas from Lord of the Rings than Daenerys Targaryen. David Bowie and Annie Lennox were just a couple of the other comparisons made on social media.